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Gerry M. Kaye

3/31/05 5:00 A. M., PT


When it is assessed that the state courts trample on the rights of citizens of the United States, the federal govt. has in the 14th Amendment, a mandate to intervene on their behalf. Congressman Rick Santorum, who so graciously visited the family of Theresa Marie Schiavo and supporters at the hospice in  Pinellas Park, Florida, commented that: in the ignoring of the emergency Congressional federal legislation to have the case of Terri Schiavo reviewed by the federal courts with a new appeal, and signed by the President of the United States last week, the dissenting judges have "placed themselves above the law."

Who can understand why a man that has another family and another (common law) wife is even given continued guardianship over Terri Schiavo, let alone winning in the courts the right to terminate her life, with no living will for Terri; and only on a belated afterthought testimony after years into her disability, that she expressed that preference?

Who can understand why the courts have been so insensitively one sided in the issue, with no regard for the possible validity of other doctors' assessments that she is not in a vegetative state, addressing the rights of the family of Terri Schiavo; and for the possibility that she indeed might be struggling, pitifully unable to express beneath her grave handicap, the will to live and to have the rehabilitative therapy that has been withheld? With all the dubious facts in this case should not there be some benefit of the doubt applied that would prevent this starvation unto death method of solving this conflict?

Is this the U.S.A. where our Constitutional rights protect its citizens, or are we just dreamers, duped by a fake democracy that continues to roll in the killing fields of the likes of abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment, deceptively fashioned after the likes of Nazism, that is in reality not a land of the free, for the free, at all?

"I have sworn eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man." - Thomas Jefferson.

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