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 Pastor Gerry M. Kaye.
March 21, 2010

So many doubts, so many contradictions; a very risky business.

Let us pray:

Our FATHER, LORD and Savior,
It is our solemn prayer that the members of the House of Representatives
will do the right thing concerning the Healthcare bill being voted on today.

It is our hopeful prayer that the House of Representatives will do their job for the American people
who in the majority do not want this burdensome legislation so imposed on their lives: as in a dictatorship rather than a free republic.

It is our concerned prayer that the Democrat House of Representatives when serving their own conscience, will not pass legislation that does
not guarantee to protect the rights of the unborn, and that would usurp the present law of the land that prohibits federally funded abortions; ...

... and one with such conflicting doubts on the bill's true and total effect on our already wavering economy,
deep deficit, probable diminished quality of health care and increased taxation.

So many doubts, so many contradictions; a very risky business.

The American people deserve no less than these issues to be primarily considered by their elected representatives, over and above all political persuasions and devices,
as a matter of doing their job in non-betrayal to the very vocal American will and majority against this health care bill, being voted on today.

And we sincerely pray that the congress in rejecting this bill will work on a better bill on a non-partisan basis without so egregious a risk taken for our citizens and our country.

And so, it rests on the moral character of  the House of Representatives at this time, to do, what we are sure is in their hearts to do:
to vote a positive and courageous vote "No" against the Healthbill being voted on today.

With praise and gratitude we pray to You, our Joy, and our Salvation,
and we thank You in the Name of our

Everlasting GOD and FATHER, Creator and Savior,
Ever Bringing us Light,

John 11:25; 8:32  Jesus Said... "I AM the Resurrection, and the Life:"..

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."


Christ Resurrected

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