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"Human Embryo Stem Cell Research"
Is There A Better Way, Without Destroying Human Life?
                                                                      By Gerry M. Kaye
Isaiah 62:10
... go through the Gates, prepare you the way of the people, ...
 cast up the highway; gather up the stones; lift up a standard to the people.
In The News:
1/23/07 "Anti-abortion Rally Draws 2,500 People, Protesters"
1/16/07 Noah's Story-  "KATRINA'S 'MIRACLE' BABY BORN"
The frozen embryo that became Noah Markham survived a hospital flooded by Hurricane Katrina.
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"In a Culture of Death, Hypocrisy and Destructive Waste Lead the Pack"
Mad scientists have been champing at the bit for your tax dollars to fund their "destruction of human embryo research" for years.
Mar. 9 -09 -  In a political decision that defies stem cell research scientific evaluation:  that embryonic stem cells have no real positive results
compared to the affirmed success of adult stem cells that do not take human life, Obama predictably announced a significant increase
in federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research in a time of pitiful economic hardship for so many, and promised
no scientific data will be "distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda." Too late,  it's already done.

Germany Is far Ahead In Stem Cell Research
10-26-09 The reason Germans are so far ahead in adult stem cell treatments is because they don't waste time or money on stem cell research that does not now, and may never, treat patients i.e. embryonic stem cell research and cloning. (Imagine where the U S would be if millions of dollars that are spent on embryo destructive research were put into adult stem cell research instead.)

4/ 24-09 Adult Stem Cells from Fat Tissue Offer Hope for MS Treatment
 ( - A preliminary study on the use of stem cells obtained from a patient's own adipose tissue in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) has shown promising results. "All three patients in our study showed dramatic improvement in their condition after the course of SVF therapy. While obviously no conclusions in terms of therapeutic efficacy can be drawn from these reports, this first clinical use of fat stem cells for treatment of MS supports further investigations into this very simple and easily-implementable treatment methodology."

Discovery - Human skin cells act like embryonic stem cells
3/2-09 - Toronto scientists have scored a major breakthrough in stem cell research, coming first in a worldwide race to find a safer way to make human skin cells act like embryonic stem cells. The discovery could well bring the promise of personalized organ repair within reach of patients.

1/16/08 India - According to a news brief on the Citizen Link website, a patient in India, who was paralyzed with a "cervical-cord" injury and a "neck bone fracture," has been treated with her own stem cells from her bone marrow. There have reportedly been successful treatments at the hospital, using the stem-cell therapy.  Also: Science Reveals Benefits of Adult Stem Cells.

Stem Cell  Research - Monumental Breakthrough Uses No Human Embryos
11/20/07 - - Scientists have made ordinary human skin cells take on the chameleon-like powers of embryonic stem cells, a startling breakthrough that might someday deliver the medical payoffs of embryo cloning without the controversy of destuction of human embryos.

Infertility Breakthrough -  First Baby Born From a Lab-matured Egg
7/2/07 - LYON, France (AFP) - The first baby to be created from an egg matured in a laboratory, frozen, thawed and then fertilised, has been born in Canada, researchers told a medical conference on Monday.
Research- Embryonic Stem Cells Obtained From Eggs - Not Embryos
JUNE 29-07 Walkerville, MD ( -- American and Russian scientists say they have been able to obtain embryonic stem cells from an unfertilized egg in an advancement that may help reduce the ethical concerns over using the cells. Pro-life advocates oppose embryonic stem cell research because human embryos must be killed in the process. The scientists published their work in the latest issue of Cloning and Stem Cells and Jeffrey Janus, president of Lifeline and an author of the study, talked about the work.

President Bush Vetoes Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding Bill
June 20th, 2007 - Washington, DC  - For the second time, President Bush has vetoed a bill that would force Americans to pay for research that involves the destruction of human life. Because days-old unborn children are killed for their cells for science, the president said the bill crosses a moral line that he can't support.

June 20th, 2007 - Washington, DC - President Bush vetoed a bill Wednesday forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research but he also signed an executive order directing the federal government to help look into ways to obtain embryonic stem cells without destroying human life.

"Stem Cell Research Does Not Have to Take Lives"
by Rep. Tim Walberg - June 7th, 2007 - "My initial entry into politics came as a member of a right-to-life organization in my home county of Lenawee, Michigan, and I am proud to say that during my 16 years in the Michigan House of Representatives, I established a 100% pro-life voting record. I wholeheartedly support stem cell research in all cases except one - any form of research that requires the eradication of a human life. " More

UCLA Doctors Explain Stem Cell Breakthrough  -
6/7/07 -KCAL 9 LOS ANGELES - Doctors say they might be able to create a limitless source of  stem cells for transplant medicines and other fields. Video
Equivalent of Embryonic Stem Cells Produced Using Skin Cells
6/6/07 - NEW YORK - In a leap forward for stem cell research, three independent teams of scientists reported Wednesday that they have produced the equivalent of embryonic stem cells in mice using skin cells without the controversial destruction of embryos. If the same could be done with human skin cells a big if the procedure could lead to breakthrough medical treatments without the contentious ethical and political debates surrounding the use of embryos. Experts were impressed by the achievement. "I think it's one of the most exciting things that has come out about embryonic stem cells, period," said researcher Dr. Asa Abeliovich of Columbia University in New York, who didn't participate in the work. "It's very convincing that it's real." More study/research on the way.
Umbilical Cord Cells Could Produce Insulin for Diabetes
5/28/07-  Reuters -Study - Stem cells taken from the umbilical cords of newborns can be engineered to produce insulin and may someday be used to treat diabetes, U.S. and British researchers reported on Friday. They said they were able to first grow large numbers of the stem cells and then direct them to resemble the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas that are damaged in diabetes. "This discovery tells us that we have the potential to produce insulin from adult stem cells to help people with diabetes," said Dr. Randall Urban of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, who directed the study.

4/12/07  "Diabetics Cured in Stem-cells Drawn from their Own Blood"
The Times - UK - Diabetics using stem-cell therapy have been able to stop taking insulin injections for the first time, after their bodies started to produce the hormone naturally again. In a breakthrough trial, 15 young patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes were given drugs to suppress their immune systems followed by transfusions of stem cells drawn from their own blood.

1/07/07  "New Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research With Womb Fluid"
 Journal "Nature Biotechnology"; Wake Forest Regenerative Medicine Inst. - Study:  Scientists reported Sun. that they had found a plentiful source of stem cells in the amniotic fluid that yields stem cell fluid, that cushions babies in the womb; and produced a variety of tissue types from these cells, with no destroying of embryos for research. Researchers at Wake Forest U. & Harvard U. reported the stem cells they drew from amniotic fluid donated by pregnant women hold much the same promise as embryonic stem cells. They reported they were able to extract the stem cells without harm to mother or fetus and turn their discovery into several different tissue cell types, including brain, liver & bone. "Our hope is that these cells will provide a valuable resource for tissue repair and for engineered organs as well," said Dr. Anthony Atala, head of  & sr. researcher on the project. It took Atala's team 7 yrs. of research to determine the cells they found were truly stem cells that "can be used to produce a broad range of cells that may be valuable for therapy." However, the scientists noted they still don't know exactly how many different cell types can be made from the stem cells found in amniotic fluid & preliminary tests in patients are forthcoming.

11/16/06  "Heart Valves Grown From Womb Fluid Cells"
Amer. Heart Assn.; AP- With yet more evidence of the value of stem cell research without killing human embryos, scientists for the first time have grown human heart valves using stem cells from the fluid that cushions babies in the womb, offering a revolutionary approach that may be used to repair defective hearts in the future. Created are these new valves in the lab while the pregnancy progresses to have them ready to implant in a baby with heart defects after it is born; which could lead to homegrown heart valves for infants & adults that are more durable and effective than artificial or cadaver valves. The Swiss experiment follows recent successes at growing bladders & blood vessels, & suggests that some people may one day be able to grow their own replacement heart parts, even before they're even born. "This may open a whole new therapy concept to the treatment of congenital heart defects," said Dr. Simon Hoerstrup, a U. of Zurich scientist who led the work, which was presented Wed. at an Amer. Heart Assn. conference. Full Story

10/23/06  Research- "Risk Of Brain Tumors From Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment"
  Journal Nature Medicine; (Reuters) - Research- Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson's disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers Steven Goldman & colleagues at the U. of Rochester Medical Center in NY reported on Sunday. They said that stem cells injected into rat brains turned into dividing cells that looked like early tumors. Scientists have long feared that human embryonic stem cells could turn into tumors, because of their pliability.
7/22/06  "Past Nazi Abuses Prompt Germany's Ban On Embryonic Stem-cell  Funding"
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Germany, with an aversion to genetic (human) experimentation rooted partly in the legacy of Nazi abuses, effectively bans Embryonic Stem-cell funding. "The European Union science programme should not be used to give financial incentives to kill embryos, ...The current proposal from the EU Commission and the Eur. Parliament does not rule this out," German Research Minister Annette Schavan wrote in a letter on Thurs., before a meeting on EU science funding on Monday. A narrow majority in the Eur. Parliament voted last month in favor of allowing continued public funding for stem-cell research. Germany seeks an amendment in the council of EU governments, for parliament to reconsider the issue on a second reading. .
7/19/06  "Stem Cell Bill Vetoed by Pres. Bush"
WASHINGTON - President Bush vetoed a bill to federally fund embryonic stem cell research, saying the legislation "crosses a moral boundary" and is wrong. "This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others," Pres. Bush said at a White House event with 18 families who had children from "adopted" frozen embryos not used by other couples. Embryonic stem cell research has not been shown to yield the excellent results of using other stem cells such as those taken from adult cells, umbilical cords and skin; which do not involve destroying human life.

6/29/04 "Ultrasound Tech Views Wide Eyed-Walking Fetuses"
Just how alive-and-well these womb-persons are, is being viewed via high-resolution,
golden-hued ultrasound images of fetuses in their amniotic homes.
The latest advances in ultrasound technology from grainy 2D to glorious 4D with accompanying DVD,
produce images that are impressive, showing facial features, hair, fingers, toes and even a fetus' sex.
Significantly the babes are shown to be, immediately after fertilization, in rapid development, soon
with eyes wide open and walking on the walls of the womb.

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4/4/06 "Tissue Engineering Grows Body Parts From Patients' Own Cells"
AP - The Lancet Medical Journal - In a triumph for the anti-embryonic stem cell industry, with a breakthrough that could hold exciting promise for someday regenerating ailing hearts & other organs, one of the world's first re-engineered bladders was grown from  Kaitlyne McNamara's-age 16, own cells. It is the first time a complex human organ like the bladder has been mostly replaced with tissue grown from a patient's own cells. Only simpler tissues like skin, bone, & cartilage have been lab-grown and transplanted in the past. "This suggests that tissue engineering may one day be a solution to the shortage of donor organs in this country for those needing transplants," said Dr. Anthony Atala, researcher.
2/01/06  "Patients' Own Stem Cells Successfully Treat Lupus"
Study - Wed. Journal of the Amer. Med. Assn. - Stem cell implants from the bone marrow of patients with severe cases of lupus can help reverse the course of the chronic inflammatory disease when transplanted back into the same patients. 48 patients with severe lupus had the treatment at NW Memorial Hosp. Despite the treatment's high risks, they felt they had no other choice. 33 patients have had no disease symptoms for up to more than 7 yrs. following their transplants, said NW's Dr. Richard Burt, who led the study.
11/15/05 "Patients' Skin Blood Vessels- Not Stem Cells - Is Promising Therapy"
Amer. Heart Assn. conference -  Scientists from Cytograft Tissue Engineering Inc., a San Francisco Bay biotech. company, reported that 2 kidney dialysis patients from Argentina have received the world's first blood vessels grown in a lab dish from portions of their own skin, a method that doesn't involve stem cells and therefore is not politically or ethically contentious; a promising step toward helping people with a variety of diseases. Doctors hope the technique someday will offer a new source of arteries and veins for diabetics with poor circulation & patients of heart bypass or dialysis. "We think this is extraordinarily promising. We think that there are a number of patients who would benefit from tissue engineered vessels," said Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, dir. of the Nat. Heart, Lung & Blood Inst., which has poured $2.5 million into the work.
9/20/05 Study - "Human Neural Stem Cells Aid Spinal Cord Injuries"
U. of  Ca., Irvine- Report- Human neural stem cells can replace damaged cells & improve function in mice, of spinal cord injury. According to Dr. Brian J. Cummings & colleagues, they injected human neural stem cells into the site of spinal cord contusion injury in mice & followed their progress. Cummings said, "Our study improved function in mice with very controlled injuries. We did not cure these mice....there is hope, (for treating spinal cord injury) but we are a long way off. Treatment with toxin targeting the human cells resulted in decreased locomotor function, indicating  ".. that at least some of the recovery was the result of integration between the grafted cells & the host cells," Cummings said.
7/28/05  "Adult Stem Cell Research Creates New Functioning Brain Cells"
Stockholm Karolinska Inst.-"Daily Svenska Dagbladet" - Swedish researchers have created new functioning brain cells from adult stem cells that neurosurgeons withdrew from the brains of living adults during routine surgery for hydrocephalus- water on the brain; sparking hope that effective treatments for  illnesses like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's could be imminent from adult stem cells.
 7/13/05  Study - "Decision Making Adult Stem Cells Treat Damage"
MILAN; Nature Magazine - "The interesting thing is that adult stem cells grow in vitro without becoming specialized, are injected, ( into the blood stream & migrate to inflamed areas as in the brain & spinal cord, killing inflammatory cells) find the damaged organ by themselves & decide autonomously how to treat it," said researchers at Milan's San Raffaele Scientific Inst. These may protect the brain & nervous system against damage from tumors & conditions like multiple sclerosis. .. could be used as a natural anti-inflammatory drug to treat damage by diseases such as stroke, brain tumors, and spinal cord injuries. "With this discovery, we are moving closer to a targeted use of stem cell therapy without side effects," said researcher Stefano Pluchino. A single injection of stem cells could be used to treat many different areas of damage in the body, reducing the clinical signs of the disease.
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7/07/05  "Hospital Planned Exclusively For Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatment"
SEOUL- A So. Korea medical company, Histostem Co. Ltd., said it plans to open the world's first hospital in the so. resort island of Jeju in the first half of 2007, that will exclusively provide treatment using stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood. Han Hoon, the doctor who heads the medical venture company & his reserchers have carried out more than 250 umbilical cord blood stem cell treatments since 7/03, including cases of spinal cord injuries, liver cirrhosis, Buerger's disease, diabetes, chronic renal failure & a dozen other diseases.
6/24/05  "Studies: Adult Stem Cells Could Regenerate-Repair Damaged Retina & Brain."
The Journal Science-6/24/05; UC Irvine - In 2 studies, research indicates the potential for adult stem cells in the nervous system to regenerate-repair damaged areas of the retina & brain. UC Irvine professors Anne Calof; & Qun-Young Zhou & grad student Kwan Ng have found promising results in their research that identifies proteins that can be manipulated to harness, increase and repair damaged areas of the brain & retina.
6/20/05: "Alternative Embryonic Stem Cell Production May Break Political Impasse" - A group of leading scientists & ethicists has developed a proposal to create pluripotent stem cells without destroying human embryos, in the hope of breaking the current political stalemate over embryo research and moving the country forward in a way all citizens can embrace. The proposal has been spearheaded by Robert P. George, a member of the EPPC board and the President's Council on Bioethics, and Dr. Markus Grompe, a leading stem cell scientist.
Read: The Wall Street Journal article.
6/17/05 "Older Cells Made To Grow New Blood Vessels"
The Lancet Med. Journal -The approach, outlined this week, could be used for heart or other bypass surgery in the elderly whose own veins may not be suitable. "The ability to grow new vessels from older cells represents a crucial initial step toward growing blood vessels from a patient's owns cells that can be used to treat that patient's vascular disease," said lead researcher Dr. Laura Niklason, an assoc. prof. of anesthesiology & biomedical engineering at Duke U. in N. C.
02/05/05: "Judge- "A Pre Embryo Is a Human Being, So Sue"
CHICAGO - Cook County - A judge has ruled that a couple whose frozen embryo was accidentally destroyed at a fertility clinic has the right in Ill. to file a wrongful death lawsuit; in a case that some legal experts say could have implications in the debate over embryonic stem cell research; and the legalities of abortion.
1/25/05   "Research-Adult Stem Cells Help Repair Heart Failure"
 Dr. Amit Patel  @ U. of Pittsburg Med. Center and colleagues at the Asoc.  Espan. Primera de Socorros Mutuos in Montevideo, Urug,, the Benetti Fndn. in Rosario, Arg., and Baylor U. in TX. - The study, presented to a meeting in Florida of the Soc. for Thoracic Surg., is the latest of a series of experiments that show adult stem cells seem to be able to help repair a damaged heart. An international team of researchers  that worked on 30 volunteers, report that bone marrow cells infused to the heart through tiny incisions helped several severe heart failure patients - who saw their heart functions improve to nearly healthy levels.
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Featured Reports:
5/24/05: "Pres. Bush Greets "Snowflake"
Embryo Babies At White House"

Pres. Bush: ..."The children here today remind us that there is
no such thing as a spare embryo. Every embryo is unique and
genetically complete, like every other human being. And each 
of us started out our life this way.  These lives are not raw material
to be exploited, but gifts. And I commend each of the families here 
today for accepting the gift of these children and offering them the 
gift of your love..." (Applause.) Full Coverage
5/20/05 "Pres. Bush- "Taxpayers' Money Not For Destroying Life" 
WASHINGTON - "I'm very concerned about cloning, .. I worry about 
a world in which cloning becomes acceptable...I made it very clear 
to the Congress that the use of federal money, taxpayers' money to
promote science which destroys life in order to save life is ... I'm 
against that." -  Pres. Bush.  The pres. condemns stem cell 
research advances in  South Korea. He said he would veto 
any legislation aimed at loosening limits on federal support
in the United States. 
"Advances in new biotechnology.must never come at the 
expense of  human conscience." - President George W. Bush
 4/10/02:   WASHINGTON - "Life is creation, not a commodity," Pres.
Bush said in a speech to 175 doctors, scientists, lawmakers, religious activists and disabled people. President Bush called on the Senate Wednesday to pass legislation banning all human cloning, including
the cloning of embryos for research and treatment of diseases.
3/13/04: "Regenerative Medicine Looking Toward 
A Fountain of Youth"
Years of work remain, but a small, growing, progressive group of  researchers are diligently working on building biological time machines
that reverse aging in some cells.  Significantly, they want to create
stem cells without destroying embryos in the research.
6/11/04:   "Experts: "Human Embryo Stem Cells To 
Treat Alzheimer's Likely Non Effective"
A Johns Hopkins Univ. researcher who chairs the Med. and Scientific
Advisory Council Alzheimer's Assn.- Marilyn Albert reports, "I just 
think everybody feels there are higher priorities (than human 
stem cells) for advancing effective treatments for Alzheimer's and for 
identifying preventive strategies." Other experts concur that Alzheimer's -
how it attacks the brain, would not be benefited by the stem cell approach..
1/25/05   "Research-Adult Stem Cells Help
Repair Heart Failure" 
 Dr. Amit Patel  @ U. of Pittsburg Med. Center and colleagues at
the Asoc.  Espan. Primera de Socorros Mutuos in Montevideo, 
Urug,, the Benetti Fndn. in Rosario, Arg., and Baylor U. in TX. - 
The study, presented to a meeting in Florida of the Soc. for Thoracic
Surg., is the latest of a series of experiments that show adult stem 
cells seem to be able to help repair a damaged heart. An international 
team of researchers  that worked on 30 volunteers, report that bone
marrow cells infused to the heart through tiny incisions helped 
several severe heart failure patients - who saw their heart functions
improve to nearly healthy levels. 
November 2002  "President Bush Seeking More 
Compassionate End Of Life Care For The Terminally Ill"
  "...As we observe National Hospice Month, we applaud hospice 
organizations, health professionals,and other caregivers for their 
dedication to ensuring respect and quality of life for all. We also 
reaffirm our commitment as a Nation to honoring the dignity of
every person and to promoting compassion and concern for our fellow 
citizens. By strengthening and expanding hospice programs and 
working to promote, where appropriate, their services as a positive
alternative for terminally ill patients, we can make a difference in the
lives of countless Americans...." Full Coverage
"Scientists Find Hope 
In Adult Stem Cells"
A Study In The 'Nature Journal'
reveals that life is 
shaped at the first 24 hours 
after conception.
Physical characteristics are 
being defined in the first minutes
and hours after fertilization..





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Read: The Wall Street Journal article:
6/20/05: "Alternative Embryonic Stem Cell Production May Break Political Impasse"
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