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Oct. 21, 2001

Washington, D C
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WHAT HAS CHANGED?? Regarding Congress' Responsibility..SINCE THIS Sept. 28, 2000 Heated Debate?...

Representative Helen Chenoweth-Hage  R-Idaho in  in a Congressional Debate on Sept. 28, 2000:
"Our first responsibility as lawmakers is to protect life, to keep that helpless baby as it is being born
from being invaded..... "

Dear Congress; House, Senators, Brethren, Friends,

First, I would like to extend my apologies for having been cynically critical, at times.

You must concede, however, that the nature of politics grants a wide leniency and even a forgiving fellowship for cynicism and critique, since there probably has never been a campaign and a Session without them.

It is with this fellowship, extended, that I appeal to you all today.

With great sadness, we in our nation and many others all now face dire circumstances; and I am compelled to write to you in utmost concern, sincerity and charity.

For in praying for GOD's Help and Blessings for this nation, there has been an astounding sense of His displeasure; for as it is Written: If you hear and do My Will, I will Heal your land.

None of us can possibly, truthfully think that the legalization of the killing of  innocent infants brings pleasure to our Righteous, Merciful GOD; but rather, home grown, destructive, evil's wrath.

And the Spirit of Evil rejoices in this destruction. For this brings distraction from and neglect of the even weightier matter of this infant cruelty; weightier because it is by them of us, that have been given dutiful responsibility; and is not the product of the victimization by other peoples.

We do have a working force that is doing the best that they can do in every department of need; so we should now proceed beyond to prudently avoid further distraction and wasting of precious time.

Please begin by presenting and passing the bill to ban the partial birth abortion procedure; in light of all the detailed medical evidence that has been painstakingly submitted to you all, of its merciless hideousness that for which, we, the human race, should all concede that we have gone too far, and are lost and need to find our way to decency.

We do need the Blessings of our Good and Merciful GOD more than ever in this world, today. We must all do the most responsible job that we can do in the work we each do; and this above all other, more personal considerations that we may have been subject to in the past.

I heard someone say the other day, disparagingly, " It's a new world."

Yes, it is: of responsibility.

May GOD Love you and Bless you; and us all,

Servant of GOD, Gerry M. Kaye.

Sept. 28, 2000. Read These Quotes From "ASTONISHING FINDINGS & FACTS IN A HISTORICAL

Representative Charles Canady   R-Fla: " This House (of Representatives)  has the responsibility to do
everything in its power,  notwithstanding the President's ( Clinton) stubborn support  for partial-birth abortion, to
put an end to the practice that has no place in a civilized society. This House cannot remain silent ..."

Representative Dick Armey  R-Texas: " Today we're debating a very, very cruel and ugly subject.
We're debating on whether or not this nation will tolerate a procedure that takes a baby, forces that
baby from the womb, tears a baby's head open and sucks out its brains.

The American Medical Association: " We cannot find any satisfactory reason in which the partial-birth
abortion procedure was the only safe and effective abortion method."

Representative Helen Chenoweth-Hage  R-Idaho:  "Our first responsibility as lawmakers
is to protect life, to keep that helpless baby as it is being born from being invaded."

Jeremiah 11:5  That I may Perform the Oath which I have Sworn to your fathers,
to Give them a land flowing with milk and honey, ...

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